Suzy & Dave- NYC Central Park Engagement

Dave and Suzy didn't want "lovey dovey" engagement photos for their studio/central park fall photoshoot, they just wanted to document this special time being completely themselves. Their proposal story is among the sweetest I have heard so we made sure to incorporate elements of it for their shoot:


"So first the backstory: the first summer Dave and I were dating we were driving back and forth to Rochester a lot and I made a classic Suzy comment to him about how we should make a list of all the states of all the different license plates of all we were seeing. Dave was very skeptical and was like "we're never gonna find them all" and I of course got competitive and was like "no we totally will". And he was really uninterested in the whole idea and thought it was pretty stupid which only made me want to do it more! When he asked what we would do when we found them all I said "we'll get married".


He felt pretty confident in that bet because he was so convinced that we would never find them all! Lol . We saw about 35-40 states in the first year. After 3 years we'd found 48. We even saw Hawaii and Alaska on the streets of Manhattan on the same day together! We looked for North Dakota and Montana for over a year...


Fast forward to one Thursday in June 2014, Dave met me at the grocery store on my way home from work so we could buy some groceries. We were walking home with loads of groceries and when we were on our street Dave yelled out "Hey look, there's a ND license plate!". I turned around and not only was there a car with a ND license plate there was also one with a Montana license plate directly behind it. I freaked because we had finally found the last two plates. But quickly reality set in and I had a feeling I knew what might be coming next...! He proposed right there on the sidewalk! I was COMPLETELY shocked and it was literally the happiest moment of my life.

Engagement NYC

Dave bought the two states license plates online, duck taped them to two random peoples cars on our street on his way to meet me at the store, and then just prayed that the cars wouldn't move before we got back!

Engagement NYC
Engagement NYC