Dana G.
"We wanted to thank you so much for your ability to capture the essence of our family in such an enchanting way. We absolutely love the photos you took and are so happy with the selection you have provided us. You were able to include a variety of everything that made up who we are and we cannot wait to share the photos with our friends and loved ones. .  We would recommend your services to anyone who is looking for a talented, professional photographer who is a joy to work with and has the ability to put you at ease. Thank you again for everything, Alicia!"

Wali Collins
"Finally! A photographer that gets it. Alicia delivers the "Awww" in every shot. I promise you are going to have a serious problem trying to decide which picture you want to hang on your wall. Because her photos are just that awesome."

 Joe M.
"Alicia is a hardworking, enthusiastic, high-spirited, and gifted photographer that doesn't stop till she gets it right. She has a natural ability for the artistic and edgy and finds beauty where others might not see the shot. Where other photographers take a few quick shots and call it a day, Alicia never compromises. She continues to work  until she is certain she has found the magic.  I recommend her highly for your family or business photography needs." 

Kelsey H. 
"From the beginning of the process, Alicia was a complete pleasure to work with. Being from Maryland, our trip to New York was going to be 4+ hours, and Alicia really respected that. She wanted to make it an easygoing, fun experience.  Even when rain came and tried to crash our party, Alicia was patient with us and the weather- and we actually ended up getting a beautiful rainbow in some of our shots. I'm sure she would attribute that to Mother Nature, but I would attribute that to her ability to capture moments in such a beautiful manner. I mean really, who can say they have a picture of a rainbow that came over their heads during their engagement shoot?! Alicia was charming, professional, artistic, and vibrant- everything we could have asked for in a photographer. Her personality is infectious, and our day with her in Central Park is one we will never forget.  I would recommend Alicia for any photo shoot that you want to feel comfortable, loved and beautiful for. She really went out of her way to make it a memorable experience for both my fiancée and me, and we plan to return to New York for more photo shoots with her. If you want the perfect day, choose JoopaShoots...Pure magic."   

John L.                                                                                                           
" I am an absolute terrible fake smiler. I try to laugh in photographs to make a fake smile and its obvious. I was really worried about what an engagement shoot would look like. A friend of mine who just had his engagement photos done told me to get ready for a long day of standing and fake smiling, so I was a little worried. With Alicia Levy from JoopaShoots, I did not feel that way at all. I had an amazing time. I was able to feel like myself and my fiancee and I were just ourselves. Alicia made us feel at home and very comfortable.  Alicia went with the flow and made the engagement shoot the best that it could have been. We were treated like celebrities walking through New York and most importantly were able to be ourselves. I would recommend Alicia to anyone who is looking for photographs of any kind, she is very professional and very accommodating, and we had the best day getting to know her. The pictures turned out better than I could have imagined!"                                              

 Jill G.
"Alicia did my maternity shoot.   I was nervous to bare my belly but she made me feel completely comfortable and at ease.  The pictures came out amazing and after posting them on my social media sites I received so many compliments! Alicia took pictures of my son when he was only a week old.  She was wonderful to work with and made us feel totally relaxed.  She got some amazing shots of the baby!  We plan on having her shoot throughout his milestones.  She will give us stunning photos to look back on for years to come."

Lori W.
"Alicia is an incredibly talented photographer and the most wonderful person to work with. She truly has a magical touch with children, who can't help but relax and smile when she is around. In turn, she captures the most incredible photos of families and special moments. If you are looking for modern, fresh and unique photos taken by a true professional - look no more. Alicia is amazing!"

 Meg C.
"It is so important for a photographer of special moments and events to not only be skilled, but also to be passionate about the work and the clients.  I think that's a pretty rare quality, but one that Alicia has... in abundance!  She is so warm and generous, and felt like family during our photo shoots (yes, we've done several with our daughter and plan on doing another maternity shoot soon!).  Passion, skill, and total dedication ensure that she gets the best shots... all those moments that perhaps you'd even miss.  I highly recommend her--you will not be disappointed !"

Jana C.
My husband and I just had our first baby and we probably take about 50 photos of him each day. However, after spending about an hour with our son, Alicia was able to capture the most stunning photos of him, (in a completely different league than our photos), while simultaneously being fun and funny. Alicia managed to capture the twinkle in our baby's eyes and his subtle grin in the same shot. I can't tell you how much I will treasure these photos. I plan to work with Alicia again when our son is a little older. Thank you Alicia!

Synge M.
"Alicia is amazing to work with. I never feel comfortable in front of a camera, but she made it feel like a playground that she happens to capture on film. She is inventive and cheerful and generous and enthusiastic with wonderful questions and ideas for shot that never felt staged or awkward, but intimate and playful both. We were also reticent to take an average "girl stand by tree, boy peeks from behind" kind of shoot. It felt tailor made to us and our quirks. I couldn't recommend Alicia more for a perfectly fun shoot with amazing results."  

Mike & Emily F.
"It's Alicia's personality that sets her apart. She becomes part of the family instead of just an observer, allowing her to capture the most intimate moments."

Shawn H.
"It was an absolute joy to work with Alicia. She made my husband and I completely comfortable. She helped to bring out the emotion we've feel for each other and it really translated in the photos and we have the Facebook likes to prove it! We'd love for her to capture any other big moments coming up in the future!"

Alicia’s Mom
“So proud of my daughter’s creative journey with photography- she tells a great story through wonderful pictures! The memories that she captures with her camera are priceless!”