Being a photographer gives me the opportunity to connect with people and capture their stories.  Whether I spend an hour or a day, my intention is to take in every dynamic that makes you special and your relationships unique.  These memories are ones that will be shared, talked about, and used as references for moments that generations will see. My goal is for these generations to see the love and connection that they come from. The roots that gave them wings.

 I capture silly, real and beautiful moments that organically happen while you and your family are relaxed and having fun.  My favorite cards and photos are the ones with candid shots. You can tell so much from the personalities of people when they are being themselves. I want to encapsulate that moment when life is happening, not when you are posing and aware of the camera.

For me, it's all about having fun. I like the term photo shoot but I prefer "photo adventure."  A day of play where we happen to take pictures. I have been performing comedy and improv for the last two decades giving me tools to adapt to any situation and find anyone's smile. Having a childlike spirit has benefited me very well in both comedy and photography which is what makes our experience so unique.

I'd love to hear more about how I can provide you with an amazing photo adventure!